Design apps that accurately maps the business needs


Workflow Apps

When variations within workflow is reduced that process becomes predictable allowing users to take proactive actions when situations demands.

With right tools & technology we design workflow applications that increases adoption, efficiency & effectiveness


Dashboard Apps

Measurement provides direct feedback for taking actions. Ability to analyze information across various dimension uncovers opportunities for improvement and growth.

With the right charts, filter, drill-down and other features we design dashboard applications that provides answers to business questions


Decision Apps

For maintaining competitive advantage business requires application that allows them take proactive actions when situation demands.

With the right visualizations, what-if scenario and predictive analytics we design decision making applications that provide deeper insights

Develop apps within time & budget


Project Management

All aspects of the project are managed by a robust project plan that drives the development effort and delivery.

We use agile methodology and based on our extensive experience have also designed own project management templates.


Resource Management

Applications are designed by considering architecture, automation, presentation and communication needs.

Resources are assigned based on the experience required for developing that functionality. Each part of the application is developed by an expert.


Application Delivery

Project Plan drives development effort and delivery.

We follow SCRUM delivery cycles that are 2 - 4 weeks depending the functionality.

Fully managed design & development service


Technology Consulting

Consult us in situations when you are not sure if you must “Build or Buy”.

Through consulting we demonstrate tangible results before making actual investments.


Requirement Analysis

Collecting business requirements accurately is key for project estimation and planning.

We use our templates for collecting requirements and prioritizing development


UI/UX Design

Users interact through interfaces.

Our designers are adept in designing interfaces for workflow & dashboard applications that creates rich experience.


User Stories

We follow industry standard agile & SCRUM methodologies for developing and delivering projects.

Business requirements are recorded as user stories and is also used for scheduling or prioritizing delivery schedules


Proof of Concept

Engage with us and let us develop Proof of Concept (POC).

Objective of this service is to validate the functionality & business requirements.


Project Plan

Project scope is created by using our in-house project management templates.

Along with the user stories and SCRUM schedules the project plan then drives the overall management and final delivery.


App Development

We leverage our in-house asset library for accurately mapping business requirements. Our tried & tested ready solution allows us to deliver high performing applications.

Results are assured in terms of speed, quality & scalability


Test Cases

Each functionality under goes multiple iterations of testing.

Application quality is consistent as we leverage our in-house solution library that is already proven & tested in other projects



Dedicated account manager coordinates and manages the UAT sessions.

Users are provided access to the application along with test cases for conducting various functional and non-functional testing


User Training

Final delivery of the project is provided with complete documentation and training materials that is custom to that project.

The documentation is made available within the delivered application

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Why partner with us

Business environment is competitive for all - startups, evolving and growing companies. Our service allows customers to focus on their business and leverage technology for their competitive advantage.

Partnering with us ensures those competitive solutions are designed and developed by a team that scales according to your time & budget requirements.

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Assured value for all projects



Ready in-house solution library brings speed to project design & development



Proven in-house solution library and iterative test produces high quality apps



ONE rich experience across web and mobile devices


Price Agreement

Once price is approved each project is considered as fixed bid assignment


Flexible Terms

We are passionate application designers & developers and flexible to work on terms that beneficial to both

Multiple options for initiating your project

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